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From the FELS Newsletter


February 2018

From "ICE Conducting Raids at Various California Locales," Labor Commissioner's AB 450 Notice template in English and Spanish

From "H-2a Program Adverse Effect Wage Rates (AEWRs) for 2018," US DOL Federal Register Notice for 2018 AEWRs


January 2018

From "More on Working in Wildfire-Impacted Areas"; Wildfire impact resources from FELS.


November/December 2017

From "ICE Director Vows Stepped-Up Enforcement," Acting ICE Director on immigration enforcement, remarks at Heritage Foundation, 10/17/17.

From "CA Supreme Court Rules Against Grower in Mandatory Mediation Case," coverage of the CA Supreme Court decision from the Fresno Bee and the Los Angeles Times.

From "Employees Must Receive EITC Notice," frequently asked questions about the EITC.

October 2017

From "Working in Wildfire-Impacted Areas,"  Injury and Illness Prevention Plan regulation (Title 8 California Code of Regulations section 3203); information of FELS' HR Compliance Manual; Cal/OSHA Respirator Program regulation (T8 CCR 5144 (c)(2)(B)Safety Training for Agricultural Workers: Protect Your Lungs from Wildfire Smoke; Voluntary Respirator Use Postings: T8 CCR 5144 Appendix D "Information for Employees Using Respirators When Not Required Under the Standard," and  T3 CCR 6739(r), "Voluntary Respirator Use Posting;" and T8 CCR 5155, Airborne Contaminants. 

From "The Agricultural Labor Relations Board and the Trojan Horse," ALRB pamphlet #1 and #2.

From "Tree Care Company Pays Record Immigration Fine," FELS Immigration Resources.

August/September 2017

From "New Form I-9 Must be Used," new Form I-9 from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service

From "New PSIS A-9 & A-9 Available," new PSIS A-8 for pesticide handlers; (English);(Spanish);(Punjabi); and new PSIS A-9 for field workers; (English); (Spanish); (Punjabi)

July 2017

From "Sexual Assault/Stalking/Domestic Assault Employee Rights Notice;"  sexual assault/stalking/domestic assault notice in English and Spanish from the Office of the California Labor Commissioner

From "Model Binding Arbitration Agreement from FELS;" FELS Model Binding Arbitration Agreement

June 2017

From FELS Offers Form Acknowledging Employee's Choice to work All Seven Days in a Workweek," Employee Acknowledgement Form

April 2017

From "Toilet Signage Law Does Not Apply to Field Toilets," Cal/OSHA Field Sanitation Single-Use Toilets FAQ

March 2017

 From "Helping Farm Employers Navigate Immigration Changes," FELS' immigration resources

January/February 2017

From "WPS Changes," revised DPR fieldworker traning requirements; and information on FELS pesticide worker and handler training.

From "Update on AB 1513 Back-Wage Payments," Department of Industrial Relations Frequently-Asked-Questions on AB 1513; FELS' AB 1513 Resource Page; and FELS' AB 1513 FAQ

From "Survey: Minimum Wage and Ag Overtime Laws will Reduce Potential Farmworker Earnings," Western Growers Association survey

 November/December 2016

From "IRS Extends ACA Forms Deadline," text of IRS Notice 2016-70

From "ACA Applicable Large Employer Reporting: What to Do About TIN Mismatches," text of IRS Publication 1586, "Reasonable Cause Regulations and Requirements for Missing and Incorrect Name/TINs" 

From "ACA and the 2016 Election," "Election Results Likely to Result in the End of ACA as We Know It, but Employers and Plan Sponsors Should Stay the Course for Now," linked from Proskauer ERISA Practice Center 

From "Dealing with Fraudulently Altered Safe-Harbor Back-Wage Checks," "The Check Guide" linked from Manatt, Phelps website 

From "Recent Fall Highlights Need for Ladder Safety:"


October 2016

From "AB 1513 Safe Harbor Payment Deadline Coming Soon;" and "More AB 1513 Confusion;" FELS' resources for employers, including FELS' AB 1513 FAQ; "Court Blocks Piece-Rate Safe Harbor Deadline," FELS Newsletter, June/July 2016).  

September 2016

From "More AB 1513 Confusion;" FELS' resources for employers, including FELS' AB 1513 FAQ

From "ACA Employer Exchange Notices," FELS' ACA Employer Exchange Notices Resources for FELS Newsletter subscribers

From "Current I-9 Form is Valid," U.S. Customs and Immigration Services' I-9 Central

August 2016

From "Court Declines to Invalidate Piece-Rate Safe Harbor," AB 1513 resources including FELS' AB 1513 FAQ

From "Oregon Issues Minimum Wage Rules," Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries Webpage

June/July 2016

From "Court Blocks Piece-Rate Safe Harbor Deadline;'  AB 1513 resources including FELS' AB 1513 FAQ 

 From "What Do You Do When an Employee is Served with a Restraining Order;"  

May 2016

From "AB 1513 Safe Harbor Deadline Approaching Fast:" AB 1513 resources including FELS AB 1513 FAQ.

April 2016

From "DFEH Issues New Notice on Pregnancy Disability Leave" :  DFEH PDL Notice in English and Spanish.

From "DFEH Issues FAQs on Workplace Issues Related to Transgender Employees": at DFEH Issues Guidance on Transgender Employees.

From FELS "FELS Provides FAQ on AB 1513": FELS AB 1513 Frequently Asked Questions