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FELS Employment Notifications Book & Laminated Posters

  • Federal & State Employment Notifications Book (spiral-bound book): A FELS produced 11"X17" spiral-bound book containing required State and Federal Employee Notifications which are also included on FELS Laminated Posters #1, #2 and #3. Can be used as a portable supplement to FELS Laminated Posters. $95 /booklet (10 or more take an additional 20% off per booklet): #399.B.BOK
Federal & State Employment Notifications Laminated Posters  
  • Poster Sets* (Posters: #1, #2, & #3): $75 /set (10 sets or more take an additional 20% off per set): #402.B.KIT
Official Notices individual posters  
  • Poster #1*: $25/each (10 sets or more take an additional 20% off per set): #403.B.PST
  • Poster #2*: $25/each (10 sets or more take an additional 20% off per set): #404.B.PST
  • Poster #3: $25/each (10 sets or more take an additional 20% off per set): #405.B.PST
Other Posters  
  • Whistleblower Poster (also included on Poster #2): This English only laminated poster complies with California Labor Code Section 1102.8(a). $6.75/each: #418.E.PST
  •  Human Trafficking Poster - Rev. April 2013: This English and Spanish laminated notice, measures 8 ½" x 11", in a 16-point font as required by California Civil Code Section 52.6. Laminated Poster $6.25/ea.: Item #421.B.PST
  • IWC Wage Order 2014 - Minimum Wage: This non-laminated, glossy cardstock paper notice, replaces the MW 2001 notice and is designed to cover the outdated notice on the older FELS Offical Notices Poster #3 (Jan. 2014 or prior). Poster $6.25/ea.: Item #420.B.PST



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The three main laminated posters contain reprints of the primary state and federal notices - many in Spanish. Each poster measures 26" x 38" inches. Other posters are available to meet other specific requirements.
 Laminated Poster #1
(Revised January 2014)
 Laminated Poster #2
(Revised January 2014)
 Laminated Poster #3
(Revised January 2014)




What is the "OMB#" and what does the expiration date mean?

Other Required Notices
Other Notices Sold Separately
Other Notices (Based on need):

 Poster #1 contains the notices required to be posted by all employers. Employers must also post the following notices:
  1. Applicable IWC Wage Order for their business. (Note: IWC Order #14 Agricultural Occupations and IWC MW 2007 are available on Poster #3; Companies who handle agricultural products produced by another company must post IWC Order #8 Industries Handling Products after Harvest or those companies who prepare their own products for market must post IWC Order #13 Industries Preparing Ag Products for Market, on the Farm),
  2. Minimum Wage Order 2007 (see "Note" above),
  3. Whistleblower notice (located on Poster #2),
  4. Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) notice (located on Poster #2),
  5. Applicable Fair Employment and Housing (PLA, or CFRA/PLA notice - located on Poster #2), and
  6. Cal/OSHA form 300A.

Other industry specific notices may be required.

 Poster #2 contains, with the exception of PSIS A-8, the notices that are required to be posted by most employers. The Fair Employment and Housing (FEH) requires one of two notices to be posted Both of these notices are included on Poster #2, these are:
  1. Employers of 5 to 49 employees must post a notice that describes the pregnancy-disability leave act (PLA) provisions.
  2. Employers of 50 or more employees must post a notice that describes pregnancy-leave act provisions in conjunction with the family care and medical leave provisions of the California Family Rights Act (PLA/CFRA).

 Poster #3 contains the notices that agricultural employers must post. In addition to these notices agricultural employers must post:
  1. IWC Order 4 (Professional, Technical and Similar Occupations) when office employees are not covered by either IWC Orders #8 or #13.
  2. Note: IWC Order 4 is available as a separate paper notice. See order form below.

 IWC Wage Orders: IWC wage orders regulate wages, hours and working conditions and are numbered by industry or occupation group.
  1. IWC Order #4: This English only paper poster covers Professional, Technical, Clerical, Mechanical and Similar Occupations (including: laboratory, research, technical, clerical, office work, and mechanical occupations). In agricultural operations the following types of employees are covered by IWC Order #4: accountants, bookkeepers, carriers, cashiers, computer programmers and operators, dispatchers, guards, guides, laboratory workers, sales persons and secretaries.
  2. IWC Order.#8 (Industries Handling Products After Harvest): This English only paper poster covers operations handling products after harvest, at least some of which were not grown or otherwise produced by the employer. It typically covers commercial establishments that clean, dry, sort, pack, dehydrate, slaughter, ferment or pasteurize a commodity. While Order No. 8 covers the office and transportation employees of such an employer.
  3. IWC Order #13 (Industries Preparing Agricultural Products for Market, on the Farm): This English only paper poster covers operations engaged in an industry preparing on a farm agricultural products for market. It typically covers an employer’s employees who prepare for market, in either a fixed structure or on a moving packing plant on a farm, commodities grown or otherwise produced by that employer only, plus the employer’s clerical employees and those who transport the commodities to market.
  4. IWC Order #14 covers Agriculutral Occupations. This IWC Order is available as a laminated poster in either English or Spanish. IWC Order 14 covers only persons employed in an agricultural occupation on a farm or ranch. Employed in an agricultural occupation includes activities such as preparing the land for planting, caring for and harvesting of the crop and transporting it directly from the field to market or to the place of first processing. The term also includes the conservation, maintenance and improvement of the farm and its tools and equipment.
  5. Minimum Wage Order MW 2007: This free download poster is available from DLSE in English and Spanish. The MW 2007 contains the current minimum wage, and the allowable meal and lodging rates. MW 2007 must be made available to employees.

 Whistleblower Poster: This English only laminated poster must be prominently displayed in lettering larger than size 14 type and include a list of employee rights and responsibilities under the whistleblower laws, including the telephone number of the whistleblower hotline maintained by the office of the California Attorney General. Required by California Labor Code Section 1102.8(a).


 Human Trafficking/Slavery Notice: Specified types of businesses must post a notice urging the reader to report instances of slavery and human trafficking. Among those types of businesses are farm labor contractors. The notice must be posted conspicuously near the establishment’s public entrance or elsewhere conspicuously where similar notices are customarily posted. The notice must be printed in English, Spanish and one other language that is the most widely spoken language in the county where the establishment is located and for which translation is mandated by the federal Voting Rights Act.

 Farm Labor Contractor Rate of Compensation: State-licensed farm labor contractors must prominently display at the worksite and on all vehicles used to transport employees, the rate of compensation printed in English and Spanish. (Labor Code § 1695, subd. (a)(7).).

  What is the OMB#?

Information Collection Notices

The Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA) governs the Federal government’s collection, use, and dissemination of information. The goals of the PRA include minimizing paperwork and reporting burdens on the public, and ensuring the maximum utility from information that is collected. Agencies request approval of Information Collection Requests (ICR) through the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). An information collection may be a form, a survey, or a script. ICRs are published for public review in two stages, providing first a 60-day public comment period and then, after OMB review, an additional 30-day comment period. When OMB approves an information collection, it assigns an OMB Control Number that the agency must display on the information collection.

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