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Nurse Reports
Numbers 1-35

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1 Fatal Electrocution in Poultry Processing Plant
2 Arm Amputated by Tractor Power-Take-Off
3 Tractor Driver Crushed by Scraper-Roller
4 Lightning Strikes Kill Two Field Workers
5 Grape Picker Run Over by Bin Trailer, Breaks Leg
6 Maintenance Worker's Arm Broken by Fruit-Tray Transporter
7 Cantaloupe Picker Dies of Heat Stroke
8 Heavy Equipment Operator Crushed in Roll Over
9 Poisonous Spider Bites Vineyard Worker
10 Tractor Runs Over Asparagus Sledder
11 Foot Amputated by Auger
12 Tree Trimmer Electrocuted in Orchard
13 Tractor Driver Crushed between Two Tractors
14 Irrigator Worker in ATV Crash on Dairy Farm
15 Tractor Driver Killed by Flying Metal Object
16 Lettuce Packer Collapses Due to Heat
17 Irrigator Struck in Face by Pipe Valve
18 Plum Picker Breaks Ankle in Ladder Fall
19 Dairy Worker Crushed by Field Cultivator
20 Teenage Irrigator's Finger Mangled by Pipe
21 Foot Amputated by Fan in Fig Orchard
22 Leg Partly Severed by Forklift Prong
23 Raisin Picker Breaks Leg while Riding on Bin Trailer
24 Farm Worker's Skull Fractured by Exploding Brake
25 Tractor Driver's Head Crushed by Moving Tractor
26 Tractor Driver Knocked Off Tractor by Tree Branch
27 Arm Caught in Mechanical Cotton Picker
28 Machine Operator Electrically Shocked in Transplant Nursery
29 Farm Worker Burned in Explosion
30 Hot Radiator Fluid Scorches Forklift Operator
31 Worker Scalped in Fruit Packing Plant
32 Nectarine Picker Injures Neck in Ladder Fall
33 Cotton Harvester Operator Fatally Electrocuted
34 Cotton Harvester Operator's Arm Mangled in Cotton Harvester Spindles
35 Vineyard Worker Crushed by Metal Stakes