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FELS Requests Proposals for Grant Administration Services
Working in Wildfire-Impacted Areas
Vineyard Worker Fatality Highlights Importance of Machinery Safety Training
Cal/OSHA Emergency Reg for 300A Submissions
UPDATE: ALRB Decertifies UFW at Gerawan Farming
California Minimum Wages
Federal Court Blocks AB 450
Reminder: Fed/OSHA Requires CA Employers to Upload Forms 300A
Appellate Court Orders ALRB to Count Gerawan Employees' Votes
Flat-Sum Bonuses and Overtime Calculations
Haz-Mat Training
FSMA-Produce Safety Training
CA Appellate Court Interprets “Plant Closing” Statute, Creates New Headache for Seasonal Employers
CA Supreme Court Issues Employee-Friendly O/T Formula
ICE Conducting Audits at Numerous California Locales
USDOL Releases H-2a program Adverse Wage Rate for 2018
FELS Now Accepting Orders for 2018 Notifications Posters and Books
New Labor & Employment Laws for 2018
Cal/OSHA Standards Board Seeks Grower Input on Night Work Proposal
Cal/OSHA Cites Employers for Exposing Workers to Valley Fever
Federal Requirement for Illness & Injury Reporting Not Applicable in CA
CA Supreme Court Rules Against Grower in Mediation Case
Meal Periods and Rest Periods
Tree Care Company Pays Record Fine
The Agricultural Labor Relations Board and the Trojan Horse
Termination of DACA
New PSIS A-8 & A-9 Available
Raspberry Workers Choose Unionization
New Arizona Paid Sick Leave Law
Take the CFBF Farm Labor Availability Survey
USCIS Releases New Form I-9
Labor Commissioner Publishes Sexual Assault/Stalking/Domestic Violence Leave Rights Employee Notice
California Cities Opt for Higher Minimum Wages as of 7/1/17
Partnership Offering Produce Safety Training in Imperial, Durham, and Selma
Immigration Enforcement Activity Reported in Salinas Valley and Central Coast
CA Supreme Court Rules on Day-of-Rest Case
"Day Without An Immigrant" Revisited
San Joaquin County Farm Bureau FELS Presentation, 3-30-17
Health Reimbursement Arrangements Available to Small Employers
APMA HRPA Certificate Classes, St. Helena Begin April 5
All-Gender Restrooms and Field Sanitation
NAWS in California
Immigration Enforcement and Tips for Employers
Dept. of Homeland Security Announces Broad Immigration Enforcement Initiatives
WPS Changes for 2017
Overtime for Irrigators Under New Overtime Law; Seventh-Day Overtime Uncertainty
Day of Rest Requirements Applicable to Ag on 1/1/17
Update on AB 1513 Back Wage Payments
Fresno Court Dismisses AB 1513 Constitutional Challenge
Making Back-Wage Payments to the Unpaid Wages Fund
ALRB Approves Arbitration Agreement Class Action Waivers
IRS Extends ACA Form Deadline
Fed O/T Rule Stayed
The New Form I-9 Is Here
Trump Immigration Policy -- Worksite Enforcement and Raids?
Dealing With Fradulently Altered Safe Harbor Back Wage Checks
DIR Releases Updated FAQ on Back-Wage Safe Harbor Payments
The California Policy Impact Project -- Participate Today!
New Retirement Savings Program Features Mandatory Employer Deductions
Current Form I-9 Valid Until Jan. 2017
Governor Brown Signs Ag Overtime Bill
More AB 1513 Confusion
ACA Employer Exchange Notices Resources for FELS Newsletter Subscribers
Ninth Circuit Adds to Class Action Waiver Confusion
Taxpayer Watchdog Takes On UFW
Common FMLA Violations
USDOL Releases Revised FLSA and Polygraph Protection Posters
Immigration Violation Penalties Hiked
USDOL Revises FLSA & Polygraph Protection Posters -- POST BY AUGUST 1
Written Harassment, Discrimination, Retaliation Policies Required by New FEHC Rule
Immigration Violation Penalties Hiked