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IMPORTANT: Pay Data Reporting Update: CRD Offers Enforcement Temporary Deferral

Bryan Little, Farm Employers Labor Service

April 14, 2023

Pay data reporting required by SB 1162 had generated many questions (and headaches) among employers, especially as the first deadline for pay data reporting approaches on May 10.  The California Civil Rights Department (CRD) recently announced that it will begin accepting requests from employers for deferral of Labor Contractor Employee Reports until July 10, 2023.  You may file a request for deferral through CRD’s pay data reporting portal.

You can find CRD’s Pay Data Reporting FAQs here.  You can see CRD’s Pay Data Reporting presentation here.

FELS recently presented a webinar, Understanding California’s Pay Data Reporting Requirements, featuring Jen Shaw of Shaw Law Group covering your questions about pay data reporting, ensuring your reports are compliant, how to manage reporting for labor contractors, and auditing your compensation practices.  You can review Jen’s PowerPoint slides here; you can view a video of the webinar here.

FELS Newsletter subscriber can access information about payroll data reporting and SB 1162’s requirements to furnish compensation range information to employees and applicants here and here, and review a webinar, SB 1162: New Pay Transparency Requirements for California Employers, with webinar video and presentation slides from Catherine Houlihan, Senior Associate with FELS Group Legal Services Program partner firm Barsamian & Moody.

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