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Animal Safety
Back Safety
Chemicals & Hazardous Substances
Cal/OSHA Program and Requirements
Crop/Nursery Safety
Equipment (See also Forklift & Tractors)
First Aid and Bloodborne Pathogens
General Safety (Including Food Safety)

  Heat Illness
Human Resources
Packing House Safety
Personal Protective Equipment
Shop & Tool Safety
Vehicle and Driving Safety




 Animal Safety
Cattle Handling Safety
Dairy Safety
Milk 'Em for all They're Worth

 Cattle Handling Safety: Working with cattle can be done safely if you know what you’re doing. It’s important to learn the correct ways of working around livestock. This video, which features Dr. David Schafer, director of The University of Arizona’s, looks at the facilities for housing cattle and demonstrates how to work safely around these sometimes temperamental animals. You will learn how to avoid life-threatening situations when handling cattle in a corral or pasture setting. Topics include: Facilities design • Moving cattle • Cattle disposition • Use of dogs around cattle. This video is suitable for adults and youth who work with cattle, including ranchers, students, 4-H’ers and others. Length: 14 minutes.
English version. #808.E.DVD - $95/video

 Dairy Safety: A comprehensive look at problems and safety recommendations for the dairy industry. The first section of the video, "Handling Cattle Safely," examines the behavior of dairy cattle and addresses safety concerns when handling dams, calves and bulls; during artificial insemination; and in the milking parlor. The second section, "General Farm Safety," emphasizes safety first when using hazardous chemicals, working with livestock, moving equipment and working around the physical facility. 29 minutes.
English version. #759.E.DVD - $195/DVD
Spanish version. #759.S.DVD - $195/DVD

 "MILK ‘'EM FOR ALL THEY’RE WORTH": This DVD offers producers another medium to educate employees about proper milking techniques. This education will enhance milk quality and milker performance which adds up to increased profits. “Milk ‘Em For All They’re Worth” DVD contains both English and Spanish editions on a single DVD. “Milk ‘Em For All They’re Worth” explain the value of good milking procedures. Through demonstration and practical explanations, milkers are taught proper milking technique to maximize milk quality and udder health. The “Milk ‘Em For All They’re Worth” English and Spanish DVD can be used in computers that have Windows 95 and up.

English & Spanish version. #808.E.DVD - $95/DVD


 Back Safety

Orientation to Ag Back Injury Prevention


 Orientation to Ag Back Injury Prevention: A FELS-produced video that covers proper lifting procedures and emphasizes good posture, weight control, and exercising to prevent back injuries. English and Spanish. 11:30 minutes.
English and Spanish - DVD version . . . ..#725.B.DVD - $95/DVD

  Chemicals & Hazardous Substances

WPS Pesticide Safety Training Materials


WPS Pesticide Safety Training Materials:  The California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) finalized extensive revisions to it's worker and handler safety requirements, effective Jan. 1, 2017.  Please see FELS' Pesticide Resource page for information on available training materials and other resources. 


 Crop/Nursery Safety

Crop Production Safety
Orientation to Nursery Safety
Orientation to Field Safety
Orientation to Ag Safety
Orientation to Orchard Safety
Vineyard Safety


 Crop Production Safety: This video teaches agricultural employees how to minimize chemical, environmental, mechanical and biological health risks in the agricultural industry. These critical safety practices are designed to protect workers and assure safe food for consumers. For experienced agricultural workers, the information will serve as a reminder of the precautions necessary while working on a farm.
English and Spanish version. #792.B.DVD - $95/DVD

 Orientation to Nursery Safety: Same text as #703, but filmed exclusively in a nursery setting. (11 Min.) 
English and Spanish #706.B.DVD - $95/DVD

 Orientation to Field Safety: Same text #703, but filmed exclusively in a field setting. (11:25 Min.)
English and Spanish #705.B.DVD - $95/DVD

 Orientation to Ag Safety: This video covers many of the safety issues that apply to any job performed in agriculture. Includes lifting, proper clothing, slips and trips, rest breaks, reporting injuries or hazards, hygiene practices, hazardous materials, and working around equipment. Filmed in field, orchard and nursery settings. Recommended first video for your safety library. (11:25 Min.).
English and Spanish #703.B.DVD - $95/DVD

 Orientation to Orchard Safety: This video covers basic safety instructions for proper lifting, proper clothing, reporting injuries, working around moving equipment, pruners, ladders, picking, irrigating and ATV usage. (16:41 Min.)
English and Spanish #709.B.DVD - $95/DVD

 Vineyard Safety: This video covers a variety of vineyard safety topics designed to show your employees how to reduce the potential for becoming injured on the job. In this program you will learn about: heat illness-signs and responses, minimizing risk of injury, recommended personal protective equipment (PPE), safe lifting techniques, safe pruning and harvesting techniques, working around tractors and other vineyard machinery, lockout/blockout and tagout techniques, and more. This video is appropriate for both experienced employees and beginner vineyard crews. (24 min. 10 sec.)
English and Spanish. 17:25 minutes #755.B.DVD - $195/DVD

 Equipment (See also Forklift Safety)

Chains, Cranes, Hoist and Slings
Farm and Ranch Equipment Safety


 Chains, Cranes, Hoist and Slings: This safety video meets OSHA training requirements for training employees who operate jib hoists or cranes. Explains sling angles, safety techniques, inspection procedures, and more. (11 Min.)
English version. #749.E.DVD - $195/DVD
Spanish version. #749.S.DVD - $195/DVD

 Farm and Ranch Equipment Safety: This video discusses farm and ranch equipment accidents, what can be done to reduce them, as well as many other important safety considerations. Emergency Medical Technicians discuss accidents they have encountered involving equipment and offer advice on accident prevention. Communication strategies for farm and ranch workers are also reviewed. (19:01 Min.)
English and Spanish. #711.B.DVD - $95/DVD


Forklift Safety

 Forklift Safety: Designed for employees responsible for operating forklift equipment in packinghouses or other agricultural settings. Explains forklift engineering principles, safe operating rules, forklift maintenance, and more. (16 Min.). 
English Version. #777.E.DVD - $160/DVD
Spanish Version.#777.S.DVD - $160/DVD

  First Aid and Bloodborne Pathogens

Bloodborne Pathogens for Non-Health-Care Workers

 Bloodborne Pathogens for Non-Health-Care Workersis the focus of this program. In today's environment of health issues, communicable diseases, and other health related topics, it's important to understand some of the potential hazards we all have on a daily basis. These potential hazards exist at work, home, and everywhere you go, so you need to know to protect yourself from these hazards. This program concentrates on the risks of bloodborne pathogens and the precautions necessary. (21 Min.)
English version. #746.E.DVD - $195/DVD
Spanish version. #746.S.DVD - $195/DVD


 General Safety (Including Food Safety)

Employee Safety Orientation
Food Safety: Fruits, Vegetables, and Food Safety-Health and Hygiene on the Farm
Orientation to Ag Safety
Safety and the Supervisor


 Employee Safety Orientation: Meets OSHA requirements for training employees in general hazards exposure. Includes reporting for work, proper clothing, safe lifting, machine guarding, lockout/tagout and electrical safety. (15 Min.)

English version. #763.E.DVD - $160/video
Spanish version. #763.S.DVD - $160/video

 Food Safety: Fruits, Vegetables, and Food Safety: Health and Hygiene on the Farm video: Designed to be part of a comprehensive worker training program, this 15-minute video offers guidance to workers on proper handwashing and toilet use, with emphasis on how their health affects the safety of fresh fruits and vegetables. Hygiene topices discussed in this video are reinforced in the Field Hygiene Poster Series. Each video contains both the English and Spanish versions. A Hmong version is available.
English and Spanish #230.B.DVD - $195/DVD

 Orientation to Ag Safety: This video covers many of the safety issues that apply to any job performed in agriculture. Includes lifting, proper clothing, slips and trips, rest breaks, reporting injuries or hazards, hygiene practices, hazardous materials, and working around equipment. Filmed in field, orchard and nursery settings. Recommended first video for your safety library. (11:25 Min.).
English and Spanish #703.B.DVD - $95/DVD

 Safety and the Supervisor - English: Everything supervisors wanted to know about safety and how their responsibilities include safety. Excellent program to motivate supervisors in their safety responsibilities. (11 Min.)
English version #923.E.DVD - $160/video





  Heat Illness/Stress

Field Sanitation - Good Hygiene Practices and Heat Stress Prevention
Heat Stress
FELS Heat Stress Prevention


 Field Sanitation - Good Hygiene Practices and Heat Stress Prevention: Teaches employees how to properly wash hands, disease transmission, how to keep themselves, their families and the community healthy. The video also addresses the importance of recognizing heat stress.
English and Spanish - DVD version . . . ..#761.B.DVD - $95/DVD

 Heat Stress: This program shows the effects of heat stress, heat exhaustion, and other hazards associated with working in a hot environment. Proper training can prevent serious illness. ( 9 Min.)
English version. #780.E.DVD - $195/DVD
Spanish version. #780.S.DVD - $195/DVD

 NewFELS Heat Stress Prevention:  This FELS-produced video explains what causes heat illness, what can be done to prevent it, what to watch for when working in hot weather, and what to do if someone gets heat illness. The video is intended to assist employers to comply with Cal/OSHA heat-illness prevention training requirement. English and Spanish. 11:30 minutes.

 English and Spanish - DVD version . . . ..#790.B.DVD - $145/DVD  



Orientation to Irrigator Safety


 Orientation to Irrigator Safety: A FELS-produced video that covers safety issues in flood, ditch, and pipe irrigation. Discusses general safety instructions, moving pipe, proper lifting techniques, pipe set-up, electrical hazards, and more (24 Min.).
English and Spanish #720.B.DVD - $95/DVD


Tripod Orchard Ladder Safety



Hazardous Energy Source (Lockout/Tagout

 Hazardous Energy Source (Lockout/Tagout): This program is a great tool for training "affected" and "authorized" employees in lockout/tagout procedures. (10 Min.) 
English version. #765.E.DVD - $195/DVD
Spanish version. #765.S.DVD - $195/DVD

  Packing House Safety

Orientation to Packinghouse Safety


 Orientation to Packinghouse Safety: This video covers proper clothing, lifting, slips and trips, and basic safety procedures for working around machinery and moving vehicles. (13 Min.) 
English and Spanish #707.B.DVD - $95/DVD


 Personal Protective Equipment

Eye Protection
Fit Testing Respirators
Personal Protective Equipment
Respirators and How to Use


 Eye Protection: This program explains eye protection requirements for workers in various agricultural operations. (14 Min.)
English version. #771.E.DVD - $160/DVD
Spanish version. #771.S.DVD - $160/DVD

 Ag. Fit Testing Respirators: This video explains the need and proper procedures for respirator fit testing. Also discusses the proper use of respiratory equipment. (10 Min.)
English version. #726.E.DVD - $160/DVD
Spanish version. #726.S.DVD - $160/DVD

 Personal Protective Equipment: Emphasizes the importance of using personal protective equipment when required. Highlights hard hats, gloves, eye protection, hearing protection, and other aspects of protective equipment. (8 Min.)
English version. #728.E.DVD - $160/DVD
Spanish version. #728.S.DVD - $160/DVD

 Respirators - How to Use Them: Explains use, handling, storing and cleaning of respiratory equipment. Excellent tool for meeting training requirements for employees who use respirators. (13 MIn.)
English version. #769.E.DVD - $195/DVD
Spanish version. #769.S.DVD - $195/DVD


 Shop & Tool Safety

Farm and Ranch Electrical Safety
Orientation to Ag Shop Safety


 Farm and Ranch Electrical Safety: This video demonstrates many of the everyday farm practices that, too often, result in injury and even death by electric shock. Explains how to properly handle irrigation equipment, how to safely wire and ground electrical systems, and what to do when the worst happens.
English and Spanish, (19:09 Min.) #712.B.DVD - $95/DVD

 Orientation to Ag Shop Safety: This video covers proper clothing for eye, head and foot protection. Also includes safety precautions for typical equipment found in an agricultural shop such as grinders, welders and electrical hand tools.
English and Spanish #704.B.DVD - $95/DVD



Tractor Safety
Tractor Safety for Agricultural Employees
Tractor Safety Basics



 Tractor Safety: This video stresses safety practices and emphasizes the importance of knowing your tractor. (25 Min.)

English version. #702.E.DVD - $195/DVD
Spanish version. #702.S.DVD - $195/DVD

 Tractor Safety for Agricultural Employees: Tractors represent the largest percentage of machinery-related accidents. This 14-minute video provides training on the hazards associated with operation, including moving parts and PTOs, rollovers and the release of stored energy. It also presents the uniform hand signals that were developed by the American Society of Agriculture Engineers. The videos are bilingual; the English segment is followed by the Spanish translation (of equal length) on the same DVD. English and Spanish (14 Min.)
English and Spanish version. #736.B.DVD - $95/DVD

 Tractor Safety Basics: This video provides tractor operators with "safety basics," including vehicle operation, pedestrian safety, safe tractor operation, machine guarding, and pre-inspection checklists. English or Spanish. (15 Min.) 
English version. #785.E.DVD - $160/DVD
Spanish version. #785.S.DVD - $160/DVD


  Vehicle and Driving Safety

Orientation to Ag Vehicle Safety
Rural Driving/Defensive Driving
Ag Vehicle Safety Orientation


 Orientation to Ag Vehicle Safety: This video covers defensive driving, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, safety belts, vehicle speed, driving in adverse weather such as fog or dust storms, vehicle inspections, and vehicle maintenance. (21 Min.)

English and Spanish #708.B.DVD - $95/DVD

 Rural Driving/Defensive Driving: Driving on rural roads requires a different kind of skill and awareness than driving on city roads or freeways. This video teaches drivers about the hazards of rural driving that are not found in the city environments, such as sharing the road with large farm equipment, uncontrolled railroad crossing, fog and haze, irrigation run-off, levees, and the requirements for driving farm labor vehicles. This video is a superb lesson for all employees. (33 Min.) 
English and Spanish #757.B.DVD - $95/DVD

  Ag Vehicle Safety Orientation: Designed for individuals operating any type of farm equipment or vehicle. Covers basic safe driving rules. (12 Min.)
English version. #781.E.DVD - $160/DVD
Spanish version. #781.S.DVD - $160/DVD






Orientation to Irrigator Safety