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Annual Subscription Service

The Farm Employers Labor Service (FELS) is a subscriber organization affiliated with the California Farm Bureau Federation. FELS has assisted subscribers in complying with labor laws and avoiding labor relations problems since 1970. The goal of FELS is to assist subscribers in avoiding costly labor management mistakes.

Subscriptions to FELS are available primarily to those with agricultural, horticultural, or other business operations.

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Subscriber Services:

Subscriber have access to many labor management services:

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FELS Newsletter

The FELS Monthly Newsletter keeps agricultural employers up to date on the crucial labor issues of the day. Each issue reviews the current labor topics so employers are able to comply with the countless governmental requirements, court decisions and laws in order to avoid costly mistakes. A few of these important topics are wage & hour, discrimination, immigration and safety.

The FELS Monthly Newsletter not only reports on the news but gives suggestions on how to comply. It is common for the newsletter to offer a sample employment policy, form or log to aid employers in meeting the compliance issues.

To further illustrate the "hands on" approach, each issue contains a Safety Sheet that can be used as an employee "tailgate session." Each Safety Sheet is written in English and Spanish in terms that employees can relate to in their daily work activities.

In addition to receiving the newsletter, FELS Subscribers can access prior issues online. Each newsletter is indexed by topic and title making it easy to research past topics. Here are the subjects of the Newsletter Index:

FELS Newsletter Index

Child Labor
Company Procedures
Court Decisions
Drugs and Alcohol
Employee Benefits
Employment Taxes
Farm Employers Labor Service
Farm Labor Contractors
General Labor
Handbook Policies
Human Resources
Immigration Form I-9 (ICE)
Laws & Regulations

Leave of Absence (CFRA & FMLA)
Newsletters by Issue Date
Non-current Articles
Rest/Meal Periods
Safety Sheets
Social Security
Spanish Aids
Tools & Equipment
Unemployment/State Disability Insurance
Wage and Benefit Surveys
Wage and Hour Rules
Workers' Compensation Insurance


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FELS Employer Hotline

The telephone hotline connects subscribers to instant answers to their general labor law questions. Because an agricultural employer’s time is precious, the hotline provides an invaluable service, given the complexity of labor laws today.

The FELS’ annual subscription entitles Subscribers to instant, personalized answers to your pressing agricultural employee-related questions.


Group Legal Services Plan


Farm Employers Labor Service subscribers can get legal assistance from California's leading agricultural labor- and employment-law firms under the FELS Group Legal Services Plan. FELS, a California Farm Bureau Federation affiliate, has an agreement with Barsamian & Moody, PC, The Employers' Law Firm sm under which the firm will provide agricultural employers who are FELS subscribers with legal help on workplace issues. 

FELS has served agricultural employers with management consulting, information and training materials since 1970. FELS subscribers can tap into the group legal services program wherever they are located in the state.

FELS refers subscribers calling its hotline to Barsamian & Moody so they can obtain legal advice quickly and affordably as issues arise. This program offers our subscribers well-recognized expertise in all areas of labor and employment law. Each FELS subscriber is entitled to one free hour of legal consultation annually on labor and employment matters. Additional legal services are provided at a discounted rate that is at least 20 percent less than the firm's regular fees.

Barsamian & Moody is based in Fresno and has offices in Sacramento, Salinas and Visalia. For more in-depth information about FELS' Group Legal Services Program, you can can click here. 


Discount on FELS' Products & Services

FELS Subscribers receive a 20% discount on the forms and supplies: employment and personnel management forms, safety training manuals and videos, ALRB materials, Spanish language aids, and more.
FELS provides valuable additional services, available to FELS subscribers at reduced rates.