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What is FELS?

The Farm Employers Labor Service (FELS) is a subscriber organization affiliated with the California Farm Bureau Federation. FELS has assisted members in complying with labor laws and avoiding labor relations problems since 1970. The goal of FELS is to assist subscribers in avoiding costly labor management mistakes.

Subscriptions to FELS are available primarily to those with agricultural, horticultural, or other business operations. 

Subscriber Services:

Subscriber have access to many labor management services:

  • Informative Monthly Newsletter
  • FELS Group Legal Services Plan
  • FELS Hotline, Labor Answering Service
  • Bilingual Labor Relation Services
  • Safety Programs and Related Services
  • Pesticide Instructor Training
  • Union Avoidance Services
  • Training Programs for Supervisors
  • Personnel Audit and Employee Handbook Development
  • Employment Forms and Supplies
  • Discounts on FELS Personnel Management Materials

More specifics on FELS Services

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