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Labor Commissioner Releases Sick Leave, FLC Compliance Documents 

The Office of the Labor Commissioner, also known as the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement, has recently released documentation to allow ag employers to comply with recent legislative mandates effective January 1.

SB 1087 created a new requirement for farm labor contractors to attest that they and their supervisory personnel have not been found, within the last three years, to have committed sexual harassment.  SB 1087 required the Labor Commissioner's office to create a document to permit this attestation which has been posted to the Labor Commissioner's website at this link (English and Spanish).

AB 1522, the new Paid Sick Leave (PSL) mandate, requires employers to post information about employee sick leave rights and to disclose these rights to employees at time of hire in written disclosures.

You can find the new employee informational postings at these links (English and Spanish) and the new time-of-hire disclosure at this link (English and Spanish).