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FELS Group Legal Services Plan

Farm Employers Labor Service subscribers can get legal assistance from two of California's leading labor- and employment-law firms under the FELS Group Legal Services Plan. FELS, a California Farm Bureau Federation affiliate, has an agreement with Barsamian & Moody, PC, and Cook Brown, LLP, under which the firms will provide agricultural employers who are FELS subscribers with legal help on workplace issues.

Farm Employers Labor Service has served agricultural employers with management consulting, information and training materials since 1970. FELS subscribers can tap into the group legal services program wherever they are located in the state.

FELS refers subscribers calling its hotline to one of these two firms so they can obtain legal advice quickly and affordably as issues arise. This program offers our subscribers well-recognized expertise in all areas of labor and employment law. Each FELS subscriber is entitled to one free hour of legal consultation annually on labor and employment matters. Additional legal services are provided at a discounted rate that is at least 20 percent less than the firm's regular fees.

FELS Group Legal Service Plan Partner:

Barsamian & Moody is "The Employer's Law Firm."

BM Law FirmWith offices in Fresno and Salinas, Barsamian & Moody is "The Employer's Law Firm."  Employers have beencounting on the attorneys of Barsamian & Moody to provide that experience and assistance for over twenty years. B&M is committed to providing immediate, effective and personalized representation in all facets of labor and employment law matters, ranging from day to day personnel issues, dealing with unions, boycotts and corporate campaigns, litigation of labor and employment issues, and more. B&M clients rely upon and receive the benefit of experience in responding to emergencies, as well as logical, business-oriented plans for complying with the ever-broadening scope of governmental regulation, and preventing legal problems from arising in the first place.

Barsamian & Moody attorneys understand that legal problems are a major distraction to an employer, and therefore, structures its services to minimize disruption of our clients' business operations. B&M's clients range in size from some of the nation's largest corporations, to single family farms and businesses. B&M makes is a priority to work with other team members, whether they are a farmer's family, corporate officers, directors and senior management, in-house corporate counsel, or front line supervisors. 

Ronald H. Barsamian, Partner
Patrick S. Moody, Partner