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FLC State Verification Requirement

Under the California Labor Code §1695.7, before engaging an FLC, a grower must inspect the FLC's California state FLC license to see if it reasonably appears on its face to be genuine.

Second, the grower must get from the FLC a copy of the license and then keep it for three years after the contract's termination. Third, the grower must verify the FLC's license by contacting an FLC verification unit established by the state Labor Commissioner.

FLC's License Verification: Beginning December 28, 2011, anyone seeking to verify an FLC license to comply with Labor Code 1695.7 can do so on-line. This replaces the manual method that was in place before that required growers to call the Labor Commissioner's office and wait to receive a fax or mail verification. This often resulted in delays. As of December 28, 2011 FLC verification can be requested, viewed and printed through this link at the DLSE's website:

DLSE Farm Labor Contractor License Verification by the state Labor Commissioner's Office.