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1992 FLC Study by EDD & UC APMP Interesting Reading

According to Lupe Sandoval, a 1992 study titled " Farm Labor Contractor in California" is 21 years old now - but still makes for interesting reading.  "It would be great to look at how we could get this data updated, through funding for a new study," Sandoval said.

The study was a joint effort of Employment Development Department and University of California Agricultural Personnel Management Program.

Sandoval has provide FELS with a scanned copy of the document which available by clicking here. The principal investigator was Howard R. Rosenberg, UC Department of Agriculture and Resource Economics who had ultimate responsibility for this final report, its technical integrity and particularly its conclusions and recommendations.

Also involved in the study were Suzanne Vaupel of Vaupel Associates and Don Villarejo, California Institute for Rural Studies. Lupe Sandoval conducted interviews with farm labor contractors which were used in the study.

Lupe Sandoval can be contacted at:
Sandoval Bilingual Safety  -  Calif. F.L.C. Assn.
PH:   916.505.0946
FAX: 916.239.6541