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Labor Commissioner Begins to Issue Temporary FLC Licenses

According to the Labor Commissioner’s office, the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement  will be issuing farm labor contractor temporary licenses as follows:
A temporary license will be issued if:
•    The applicant submitted a timely (30 days from exp. date) renewal application with applicable fees and have current workers' compensation and active Bond on file.
•    Pending IRS clearance
•    Pending Federal registration
•    Pending exam
•    Pending class
A temporary license will not be issued if:
•    Application is submitted either after expiration of the license or submitted renewal application less than 30 days before expiration date of the license.
•    The Final Notice has been issued and the applicant did not submit missing items within the 30 days allowed.
•    Their California Secretary of State status is "Suspended."
•    Workers' compensation insurance and/or Bond are not current.
•    The applicant does not schedule their exam or 8-hour class timely (within 45 days from their First Defect letter).
•    They are new applicants.
Please pass this information on to the Farm Labor Contractors during the training so that they can submit their application timely and will not encounter problems if a temporary license is not issued.  If you have any questions about this let me know.
Thank you.