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Labor Commissioner Informs FLCs of New Regs -- 5 Days Before Taking Effect

Deputy Labor Commissioner Lucia Ceja wrote a letter to state-licensed Farm Labor Contractors recently to inform them of upcoming changes to the agency's Farm Labor Contractor (FLC) regulations scheduled to take effect in the near future -- on July 1.

Ms. Ceja's letter, dated June 26, 2014, noted: "We are sending this letter to inform you that we have new Farm Labor Contractor (FLC) regulations that will become effective 7/1/2014."

Her letter went on to detail various aspects of the new regulations, including changes in licensing procedures, new duties imposed on contractors including new worksite signage requirements, and new requirements for training of crew leaders and forepersons.  You can follow these links to read Ms. Ceja's entire letter, and see the new regulations.

FELS parent organization, California Farm Bureau, and the California Farm Labor Contractor's Association have requested a 90-day grace period to allow FLCs a reasonable period of time to come into compliance with the worksite signage requirements.  Watch the FELS Newsletter or FELS eNews for further developments.