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I-9 Audits: What Companies Can Do To Reduce Liability Later

Here is what manufacturers should do to ensure their I-9 processes are in compliance with federal immigration laws, so as to avoid costly fines and disruptions.

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Sacramento nursery loses most of its staff in immigration crackdown

The attached link to News 10 in Sacramento is a good brief summary of what is happening on farms and other businesses across the country. The employers are doing the I-9 forms in good faith, but under audit the worker documents don’t stand-up so the employer loses the workforce at a critical time. This puts farms like this nursery, fruit & vegetable growers, dairy farms, sod-farms, and others who have time-critical work processes that can impact the entire year’s production--- or even force them OUT OF BUSINESS--- at unfair disadvantage versus some other businesses who, while hurt, may be able to reopen again in a few days and pick-up where they left off. The story of how/why agriculture is unique is one we have been trying to prove to Congress again and again.

ICE Guide to Worksite Enforcement Investigations

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USCIS Releases Updated Form & Employers I-9 Manual

U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (CIS) released a new Form I-9 and employer's manual. Fortunately, employers will have 60 days to transition to use of the new form -- until May 7, 2013. The revised employer's manual is a big improvement from previous versions in that it helps clarify many issues and is easier to navigate through. Click here to see updated manual. Click here for a review of what was changed in the new Employers Handbook M-274.

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USCIS E-Verify Self Check

On March 21, 2011,  the USCIS Verification Division announced a new program called E-Verify Self Check. E-Verify Self Check, the first service offered directly to individuals by E-Verify, is a simple online service that allows an individual to check his or her own employment eligibility in the United States.

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Department of Justice
No-Match Letter FAQ

See also: FAQ for Employers - FAQ for Employees - General FAQ (same as below)

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Immigration Forms and Publications

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Social Security Number No-Match Recommendations



A year and a half after the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) rescinded its Social Security Number (SSN) no-match safe-harbor rule, the Social Security Administration (SSA) in April 2011 resumed sending its worrisome no-match letters to employers.

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UFW - Take My Job Campain

UFW President Arturo Rodriguez appeared on the Stephen Colbert show (Comedy Central) Thursday July 8, 2010. ) “Take our Jobs” segment aired at the end of the 11:30 PM show, below  is the video clip. As a follow up below is "Comedian goes to DC to lecture lawmakers on immigration."

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Is Your Company Next? 10 Tips to Help Prepare for an ICE I-9 Audit

By Kim Thompson

In June, the Department of Homeland Security's Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) issued a strategic plan for work site enforcement through fiscal year 2014. One of the key initiatives of the plan is enforcement of U.S. immigration-related employment laws, in particular pursuing employers who knowingly violate the laws. Sample ICE Notification of I-9 Inspection Letter to Employer with Instructions

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