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ICE Reported to Increase Form I-9 Inspections


According to Frank Gasperini, NCAE Executive Vice President, NCAE has heard, from what we believe to be credible sources that ICE field agents have been charged to do a significant number of employer audits for 2012 --- that they have been told to focus on agriculture and the restaurant trade because that is where they will find the largest numbers of illegals --- that they are told to seek high-profile/maximum press coverage type cases --- that they have been told to look a the biggest farms and restaurants --- and that ANYONE who had been I-9 audited and/or had any issues with DOL or DHS in the past would be looked at again in 2012.

This is bad news for labor intensive agriculture. Generally audits have been preceded by at least a three day written notice but it is not out of the question that your first contact will be a face -to-face visit. It is important that you prepare as best you can and know both your rights and your responsibilities.  Now is the time to have your I-9s-- - and your I -9 processing procedures --- audited (or self audit them) and assure those on file are up -to-date. NCAE has a paper “What to Do When ICE Calls.” Contact Matthew A. Coffindaffer, NCAE Administration Manager at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request a copy -- News Briefs (#7) linked to the DHS Employer’s Handbook, see Item #2:


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