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Notations on Form I-9 OK - According to USCIS

During a Form I-9 workshop held at a conference in February 2013, attendees were told that there should be no superfluous information added to the Form I-9 not requested on the form itself, such as employee ID numbers and such.

A FELS Subscriber called FELS to verify this statement since it is their procedure to write the employee's name and employee ID number at the top of the completed Form I-9 for filing purposes.

FELS was able to track down the offical policy of USCIS regarding this issue. According to USCIS:
"As you and I discussed, the training and information that our office provides to the public/employers is that employers must ensure that the information on stored Forms I-9 is legible. Any additional writing printed on Form I-9 outside of the required information must not interfere with an authorized government official’s ability to read the information on the form but is not disallowed.  In addition, when completing the form highlighting marks, hole punches and staples in the form are acceptable as long as they do not interfere with an authorized official’s ability to read the information on the form.

The link to the I-9 Central Q&A that addresses the “writing outside of the required information” is below.  See the 2nd question in the list of Q&A at this link.  If employers you work with are concerned about the disallowance of this practice they may be encouraged to print this portion of the Q&A from the website (which would provide the link & date on the printing) and save it with their personnel policy manual."

I-9 Central Q&A Link click here