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In Party-Directed Mediation the author shares two models: (1) the first deals with contention between co-workers; and (2) the second; for handling differences between supervisors and subordinates.

The methods used are somewhat controversial in that pre-caucuses are used (where the mediator meets with each party separately before ever bringing them together into a joint session). Once the parties are in the joint session, they speak directly to each other rather than to the mediator. The book also includes transcriptions of these mediated approaches, as well as chapters on interpersonal negotiation skills (engaging others in conversation when there are differences in opinion), and empathic listening (listening so others can vent and begin to hear themselves).

The book obtained high praises in a review in the International Journal of Conflict Management (Volume 21, Number 2, 2010). Professor, mediator and author John Ford writes: “[Billikopf’s] concern is to articulate a mediation process that is repeatable, effective, and most importantly leaves the decision squarely in the hands of the disputants themselves. He accomplishes this task admirably, through a very readable and insightful book… The author has based his conclusions on the rigors of his direct experience as a professional mediator and the countless research videos that he studies and uses in his workshops…”  

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