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Time to Prepare: Pre-Season Compliance Checklist

by: Chris Schulte of CJ-Lake, LLC

Spring is right around the corner, but before your seasonal workers arrive and planting kicks into high gear, now is the perfect time to do a self-check of your HR procedures and records. While there is still snow on the ground for most of the country, take the opportunity to improve your practices and avoid costly audit findings down the road. Know the law, follow the rules, and be able to prove it.

Thorough and accurate records are your best defense when investigators from WHD, ICE, OSHA, ETA, IRS, or any of the other alphabet agencies knock on your door. Here is a general checklist for employers to follow as the season begins (with a tip of the hat to Maureen Torrey for her Tool Box presentation).

Click here for the checklist

Source: NCAE News Brief #10 - March 6, 2015