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National Agricultural Workers Survey Coming Soon

The U.S. Department of Labor's National Agricultural Workers Survey (NAWS) will be conducting interviews over the next few months in the following counties:


Santa Barbara












JBS International has been conducting the NAWS since 1989 as a contractor to the US Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration. JBS’ trained interviewers contact agricultural employers to request permission to conduct interviews with their workers at times convenient to the employer. Each interviewed worker receives a $20 honorarium.

JBS follows strict protocols to protect the privacy of both employers and workers.  It is a felony for interviewers to share information about employers involved in the survey.

The survey’s main objective is to identify trends in the make-up of the hired farm workforce.  The information obtained helps agricultural employers and their associations stay informed about the characteristics of the hired farm workforce and helps public and private agencies better plan programs for farm workers.  Survey information also can inform legislators and policymakers about issues important to the future of the industry. For more information about NAWS, visit

If you or your employees have questions about the survey or you want to verify the identity of survey interviewers who contact you, please contact FELS at 800-753-9073 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

NAWS Frequently Asked Questions for Agricultural Employers

1.      What is the NAWS?

 NAWS is the only nationwide survey of crop workers (including year-round or permanent, migrant, seasonal and nursery workers) in the United States. The survey describes the characteristics and employment profiles of crop workers, and trends in the hired farm labor market.

2.      How is the information used?

 The information helps agricultural employers and their organizations stay informed about the characteristics of the hired farm workforce and helps public and private agencies better plan programs for farm workers.

3.      What is in it for the agricultural employer?

 Agricultural employers and their organizations use NAWS data to stay informed about important evolving trends in the make-up of the hired farm workforce and assess the availability of labor.

4.      Is it mandatory to participate?

 Participation is not mandatory. However, your participation will ensure that information used by agricultural associations, legislatures, and program planners is accurate.

5.      Can I see a copy of the survey?

 Yes the survey is on the NAWS website at:

 6.      Why am I selected?

 You were randomly selected from a list of agricultural employers in your county.

7.      Who qualifies?

 Any employer who hires labor for crop-related work at farms, orchards, groves, greenhouses, and nurseries is qualified.

 8.      Who is JBS International Inc.? 

JBS is a research firm that brings a 30-year history of work with Federal, State, private firms, and community agencies.

9.      Are you Department Of Labor?

No, we are an independent research firm contracted by the Department of Labor.

10.   Does survey staff work for the government?

No, survey staff work for JBS International, Inc. JBS International is contracted by the United States Department of Labor (US DOL) to conduct the NAWS.