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Posters from
New York Center for Agricultural Medicine and Health (NYCAMH)

In addition to farm safety services, NYCAMH offers a wide variety of bilingual print materials that are appropriate for short, informal training sessions held on the farm or in the field. Our posters and flyers are designed for easy readability and are offered in English and Spanish with select materials also available in Haitian Creole. Posters can be requested by calling 800-343-7527, emailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or PDF files can be downloaded and printed. We also have farm safety articles on a number of topics.



Animal Handling
Cold Weather Safety
Dust Masks
Fire Safety Tips
Footwear Safety
Hearing Protection
Hearing Safety
Heat and Sun Safety
Ladder Safety
Lyme Disease Safety
Mechanical Hazards
Needle Safety
Personal Hygiene
Personal Protective Equipment
Poison Ivy Safety
Processing Line Safety
Safe Lifting & Carrying
Safe Tractor Operating
Safe Tractor Starting
Safety Glasses
Sharp Tool Safety
Tractor Safety
West Nile Virus Safety
Manejo de ganado
Precauciones con el frío
Máscaras contra polvo
Consejos de seguridad en caso de incendio
Seguridad de calzado
Protección auditiva
Seguridad de la audición
Seguridad del calor y del solSeguridad del calor
Precauciones con la influenza
La seguridad en la escalera
La seguridad de la Enfermedad de Lyme
Peligros mecánicos
Precauciones con las agujas
Higiene personal
Equipo de protección personal
Protección contra la Hiedra Venenosa
Seguridad en la línea de procesamiento
Seguridad al levantar y acarrear
Operando el tractor
Arrancando el tractor
Lentes de seguridad
Seguridad con objectos afilados
Seguridad en el tractor
Protección contra el Virus del Nilo