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Webinars by Farm Employers Labor Service

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Ag Employment Policy Update, 12/17/20:  In 2021, Ag employers will need to grapple with changes in California leave laws, workers comp, notice to employees of COVID-19 outbreaks, new Cal/OSHA standards on infectious diseases and workplace violence and much more. How do you know you're up-to-speed?

 Bryan Little of Farm Employers Labor Service will brief you on these and other developments for 2021 and give you information and strategies to cope with these new mandates.  FELS will present "Ag Employment Policy Update" on Dec. 17, 2020 at 10:00 AM on changes in law and regulation that have either recently become effective or will soon become effective (in most cases as of 1/1/21); among topics to be covered:

  • California Family Rights Act Expansion
  • COVID-19-related changes in Workers Comp and rebuttable presumption of work-relatedness of COVID-19 illnesses
  • New COVID-19 employee notice requirements
  • New Cal/OSHA standards on:
    • COVID-19 infectious disease prevention
    • permanent wildfire smoke regulation
    • general industry lead hazard regulation
    • new workplace violence regulation
  • Sexual harassment training requirements
  • Latest information of federal and California-mandated COVID-19 paid sick leave
  • CalSavers implementation for employers of 100 or fewer, and Nationwide 401k program  

You can register at this link.

AB 685: Increasing COVID-19 Workplace Employee Disclosures, Expanded OSHA Worksite Shutdown Authority: AB 685 (Reyes) will require employers to notify employees WITHIN A SINGLE DAY of possible workplace exposures to COVID-19, and expand Cal/OSHA's authority to shut down your workplace if they beleive you are not providing adequate protection.  What do you need to know?

FELS Webinars

"Sweeping Workers Comp Changes for California Employers: Prepare or Pay":  Taylor Arnold and Keith Teague of the employers' workers comp firm Hanna Brophy explained the massive changes brought by SB 1159 (Hill), which created a new "outbreak-triggered" rebuttable presumption of work-relatedness for COVID-19 infections, imposing new costs and compliance mandates for California employers. You can view the presentation slides here.  You can view a video of the webinar here.

"New California Family Rights Act Family Medical Leave Requirements for Small Employers": featuring Seth Mehrten, Barsamian & Moody.  The governor has signed SB 1383, expanding coverage of California's Family and Medical Rights Act to employers of as few as five employees; until now, CFRA covered only employees of 50 or more.  What do small employers need to know about CFRA? You can view a recording of Seth's presentation here.  B&M is the partner with Farm Employers Labor Service providing legal assistance for FELS Newsletter subscribers and clients.

"Employee COVID-19 Infections: What Does Cal/OSHA Want me to Record? What do they Want me to Report?"  Cal/OSHA is giving employers "report everything" signals on COVID-19; what do you really need to do? The Conn Maciel OSHA Compliance team's presentation has been posted to FELS website.  You can view that presentation here.  

"CalSavers: 12 Days to the Sign-Up Deadline! What's CalSavers? What are my Alternatives?"  State law requires all businesses with 5 or more employees to facilitate CalSavers – a state-sponsored payroll deduction individual retirement account (IRA) – if they do not sponsor a qualified retirement plan. Registration deadlines vary based on employer size. The deadline for eligible employers with more than 100 employees is Sept 30, 2020. Seth Marten of Barsamian & Moody, Paul Yossem of Nationwide, and Jonathan Herrera of CalSavers will help you understand CalSavers and what alternatives are available to employers.  You can view Jonathan Herrera's presentation here. 

"You Have an Employee with COVID-19; Now What," presented by FELS Group Legal Service Program partner firm associate Seth Mehrten was a huge success, attended by nearly 280 participants; if you missed it, video of Seth's presentation and Seth's PowerPoint presentation is available at this link.

"Outdoor Operations During Hours of Darkness:" California Farm Bureau and FELS, the Califorina Association of Winegrape Growers (CAWG) and the California Farm Labor Contractor Association (CFLCA) presented a webinar on the new standard on night work in agriculture, which will become effective on July 1, 2020. You can view the video of the webinar at this link; you can access the slide deck at this link.

"Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA): FMLA Expansion & Federal Paid Sick Leave" were a huge success!  Nearly 1000 agricultural employers viewed the webinars, presented by Patrick S. Moody of FELS Group Legal Services Program parner firm Barsamian & Moody.  Slide Deck (.pdf)Webinar Recording