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FELS+wafla: FELS Subscriber

H-2A Program Exclusive!


Farm Employers Labor Service has created a strategic partnership with with wafla, offering exclusive access for FELS subscribers to the services of the premier membership organization for H-2A program employers.

Wafla is a non-profit business association representing agriculture, governed by a member board of directors.  As a member-driven, service-based organization, wafla’s retained earnings go to member services, resources and advocacy.

2023 H-2A business as of 7/30:

  • 292 H-2A contracts
  • 17,995 worker requested
  • Contracts from 1 H-2A worker up to 3,000 H-2A workers
  • Primarily in Washington and Oregon (other western U.S. states)

With deep experience with both the H-2A program and labor and employment law experience in western states, wafla is uniquely positioned to understand labor issues western ag employers face.  And wafla is plugged into FELS+Harvust+FieldClock: Headache Relief for California Ag Employers, offering strategic partnerships with Harvust (and wafla’s new partnership with Harvust, Visa Trace, to help you know where your H-2A workers are, when they’re arriving and streamlining on-boarding).

Wafla offers:

  • Availability – We strive for superior customer service. We’re available 24/7. Your satisfactionis our priority.
  • Member-Driven -- Wafla is a nonprofit, member-driven organization, reinvesting profits back into agriculture.
  • Responsibility – Wafla verifies the ethics and practices of our recruiters.
  • Stewardship – Wafla oversees international worker travel and reimbursements.
  • Transparency – Wafla fees are clear, ensuring no hidden costs.
  • Innovation – We strive to understand your unique needs, keep pace with industry trends, and provide innovative solutions.

FELS’ strategic partnership with wafla offers exclusive access for FELS Newsletter subscribers to wafla’s high-touch, high-quality H-2A employer service:


  • Wafla Membership: Free for FELS subscribers (a $300 value!)
  • Deep discounts on contract filing fee: $500 discount 1st year filing
  • $250 discount off subsequent years

wafla Services for member H-2A users:
  • Draft, submit and manage job order certification process.
  • Submit recruitment reports to DOL
  • File petition to USCIS for worker visas
  • Recruit foreign workers, schedule U.S. consulate appointments
  • Facilitate all worker transportation home country-to-farm-to-home country
  • Calculate and issue in-bound and out-bound worker checks
  • Assist with contract implementation, worker issues, and government audits
  • Maintain job certification filings and recruitment reports for 3-years
  • Legal counsel related to H-2A contract topics
  • Employer may need additional resources and counsel (FELS services)
  • Collaboration with FELS, Harvust & Field Clock

Ready to learn more about the FELS/wafla difference?

Enrique Gastellum, wafla                                                                                                Bryan Little, FELS

360-455-8064                                                                                                                  800-753-9073

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