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 Human Resource Materials
 Employee Handbook (Standard Form version): Ideal to inform seasonal employees about general rules of conduct, and other conditions of employment. The handbook contains required notices such as sexual harassment, pregnancy leave, workweek, payday, etc. The handbook is customized by you answering specific facts about your company on the order form. Information is merged into final English and Spanish versions. Each language version is separately printed on 11" X 17" color paper of your choice. Click here for sample handbook and order form.
Basis customization. #ADMIN.MINI.HDBK - $49
Multiple printings of English. First 100 copies . #401.E.BRO - $35.00
Multiple printings of Spanish. First 100 copies . #401.S.BRO - $35.00
Each additional 100 copies of each language version. #Multi-pricing - $25.00/100

 Farm Labor Contractor's Guide: Summary of federal and California labor laws regulating farm labor contractors. Guide describes registration and licencing procedures. Also contains sample test questions to aid in studying for state exam.
English version . . . .#411.E.MNL - $49.00/manual
Spanish version . . . .#411.S.MNL - $49.00/manual
HR Compliance Manual
: Is it possible to stay on top of the numerous Cal/OSHA and Human Resource requirements? The FELS HR Compliance Manual can help. In a single 3-ring binder, FELS has compiled key HR procedures and Cal/OSHA programs. The HR Manual is customized to your company by merging your site-specific information into the Manual. Included is a Compact Disc (CD) containing the forms and safety aids referenced in the Manual. Check here for HR Manual Order Form - Check here for Programs Administrator Descriptions
Manual for Agricultural Employers and CD . . #409.E.MNL $325/manual
Manual for Nonagricultual Employers and CD . . #410.E.MNL $325/manual

HR Compliance Replacement and Updated Sections

 Heat-Illness Compliance CD-ROM: The Farm Employers Labor Service (FELS®) has produced a compliance CD-ROM containing a review of the new regulation and aids to assist agricultural employers to comply with the regulation. These aids include safety materials, company policies and procedures, and useful web links.
CD-ROM . . . . #413.B.CDR - $15.00/CD-ROM

 Job Descriptions, a Reference for Employers: Discusses the importance of job descriptions and explains how to write them. Contains over 40 sample job descriptions.

Job Descriptions Manual . . . #407.E.BOK - $19.00/book


 NO UNION Merchandise
: Declare your position on unions by wearing pro-company merchandise:
 Campaign Buttons: Large "NO" with campaign slogan "Liberty Without a Union." English and Spanish. 2¼" diameter.
  Campaign Buttons . . . #302.B.BTN - 59¢/button
 Baseball Cap: White baseball cap has the words "No Union" and a "no union" symbol.
  Baseball Cap . . . #303.B.CAP - $6.95/hat
 Campaign Buttons with Eagle Characterization: A 2¼" button with a characterization of an eagle surrounded by the international symbol for NO. and the campaign slogan "Liberty Without a Union."
  Campaign Buttons- English and Spanish. 2¼" diameter . . . #305.B.BTN - 59¢/button


 Summary of Employment Requirements for California Agricultural Employers: The tabbed, 3-ring binder summarizes the most generally applicable laws and regulations pertaining to agricultural employers. Contains over 125 pages.
Summary of Employment Requirements . . ..#412.E.BOK - $49.00/book

 Supervisor Training for Farm Labor Contractors: This manual covers laws and regulations relating to worker safety, terms and conditions of employment, as well as other important subjects. Appropriate for complying with California Labor Code §1695, which requires farm labor contractors to train their supervisors in certain laws and regulations. Includes regulations overview, training program, exam, forms, and handouts.
English and Spanish Manual . . . #633.B.MNL - $39/manual
Wage and Benefit Survey: Complete tabulation of wages and benefits by job classification and county conducted annually by FELS.
Wage and Benefit Survey . . ..#406.E.BOK - $19.00/booklet
Wage and Benefit Survey . . ..#406.E.BOK - $19.00/PDF format*
                                     * Distributed by email only - No hard copy mailed.



Supervisor's Responsibility under the ALRA

 Supervisor's Responsibility under the ALRA: A FELS-produced video that explains to supervisors what their responsibilities are-- to the company and under the Agricultural Labor Relations Act- when a union attempts to organize employees. The video also explains the supervisor's role as management, the company's no-union position, effective labor relations techniques, and what supervisors could do to make unionization unnecessary. (23 Min.) (Click here to preview video)

English and Spanish - DVD version . . . ..#307.B.DVD - $75/DVD



Spanish Translation Service
Spanish for the California Farmer

 Spanish Translation Service: Have your English text translated into Spanish. FELS translators are Mexican-Americans who understand the nuances of agricultural words and phrases. Call for details.
English Text Translated into Spanish . . . # - $45/double-spaced page

 Spanish for the California Farmer: Written to give growers a basic introduction to the Spanish language, this book explains basic Spanish grammar as well as agricultural vocabulary and slang. 72 pages.
English and Spanish Book . . .#504.B.BOK - $19/book


Personnel Audit and Employee Handbook Service
Safety Training
Subscription to Farm Employers Labor Service
Supervisor Training
Train-the-Trainer for Pesticide Safety Training of Field Workers and Pesticide Handlers

 Personnel Audit and Employee Handbook Service: After a day-long review of your company's personnel procedures, a FELS representative will help you develop your company employee handbook. Fee includes a FELS Laminated Poster Set and sample employment forms. Click here for Personnel Audit Checklist . One day Audit. Call for details.

 Safety Training: Our FELS consultants are available to help employers develop Haz Com, Respiratory and Injury Illness Prevention Programs. They are bilingual (English and Spanish) and experienced in conducting employee safety and supervisor training programs.FELS safety training covers:

  • Pesticide Training (WPS)
  • Respiratory Protection
  • Hazard Communication
  • First Aid/CPR
  • Violence & Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
  • Supervisor's responsibilities
  • Back Injury Prevention
  • Tractor and Ag Equipment
  • Forklift Operator
  • Safety Pesticide-Field and Handler
  • Harvest Safety
  • And much more

Call for details.


Subscription to Farm Employers Labor Service: Annual subscription to FELS includes informative monthly newsletter, access to FELS Employer Hotline, Group Legal Services Plan, 20% discount on FELS forms and supplies, and discounts on other FELS services. For more information......

Supervisor Training
: Employers are becoming aware of the important role their supervisors play in the company's success. Since the supervisor directly affects employee attitudes, a poor supervisor can quickly cause many problems. Likewise, a supervisor with sharpened skills can be an invaluable asset. FELS supervisor training covers:

  • Giving instructions
  • Disciplinary techniques
  • Dealing with the difficult employee
  • Conducting interviews
  • Setting a good example
  • Safety issues
  • Record keeping
  • Motivating employees
  • Body language and how it might conflict with a verbal message
  • Job performance evaluation
  • Documentation
  • Improving communications
  • Injury and Illness Prevention
  • Job instruction training
  • Safety Train-the-Trainer

Call for details.

 Train-the-Trainer for Pesticide Safety Training of Field Workers and Pesticide Handlers: A comprehensive training course for trainers of field workers and pesticide handlers about pesticide safety. DPR approved. Program includes a review of the pesticide safety regulation, tips on training people, trainer course material and sample exam.
English and Spanish. # Call for dates and cost.